Property IT

Comprehensive IT services tailored to the needs of your property.

Do you ever have a problem with the telecommunication of your property? The contractor or service provider will notify you of a new subscription need or defect. Who will take care of it? Do you receive service from your telecom operator in other matters related to ordering a new subscription? Are you sure you need a new subscription?

AccessPoint is a great partner for the IT services for commercial and office properties that are part of our services. The AccessNET security network service and telecommunications connection that comes with our administrator services form the backbone of the IT services we provide.

With us, you get a working network solution and the equipment you need with good service. We have the necessary expertise and proven partners.

A standard property can have the following needs for our services

  • VPN solutions
  • Information displays and content management applications
  • Space reservation system and meeting room reservation screens
  • AV equipment for conference rooms
  • Workstations and telecommunication connections for the service providers of the property, e.g. maintenance company and lobby service
  • Telecommunication connections required by property systems
  • Telecommunication surveys

All systems in our services are subject to automatic device monitoring, which allows us to detect any problems on our own and to be able to react quickly to deviations.

Monitoring and remote connections also enable e.g. remote restarts of equipment, when potential maintenance visits can be minimized and cost-saving.

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