Why choose AccessPoint?

AccessPoint is based on a single philosophy. We exist for our customers. We serve under our own name and are always easily accessible. Our customers are interested in the security of their property, but a comprehensive view of its implementation may be lacking. That’s where we come in handy: We build a transparent overall picture of security and customers always know what the current state of their business is.

What makes us different?


Entity management

We are able to offer a unique service package for office and commercial properties, covering lobby services and security services. In addition, you get real estate IT solutions through us. The threads of our customer managers also remain in the hands of our partners in guiding and collaborating on projects.


Technology expertise and independence

Our experience in security technologies, application development, networking technologies, servers and security solutions is top class. We use the security systems commonly sold in Finland and we know the good features of each system as well as the challenges.


People at the center of the action

It is important for us to be able to provide a first-class and carefree customer experience to our customers. We take care of the well-being, tools and knowledge of our employees so that they can take care of our customers in good spirits!

Want to know more about how to improve the security of your premises?

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