Data centre services

AccessPoint’s IT and telecommunications services include all the IT equipment, connections, software, and security solutions needed to maintain security systems.

Telecommunication and data centre services

We have a comprehensive solution that includes 24/7 monitoring of the devices and servers on the network as well as the necessary connections – without forgetting security and privacy issues. From us, information only moves in the desired direction.

Our services include AccessNET security network service, firewall settings, continuous monitoring of the network and devices on the network, system configuration, installation of clients on client workstations, and IT support for use. It is important to us that the whole thing works and that no part is overlooked!

We monitor the condition of the systems under our control and take the necessary action as soon as we detect a problem. We also carry out regular measures to ensure the uninterrupted operation of all services and to recover from planned faults as planned. The installations of the field devices are carried out in such a way that the failure of the communication connection or the server causes the least possible interference.

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We offer following services

  • Virtual servers with software
  • PaaS solutions for access control
  • Support for local client and workstation solutions
  • Backup services for local systems
  • Security applications

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