Frequently asked questions

Of course, we can’t tell you everything, but here are the most frequently asked questions about property and premises security. Our experts will tell you more – contact us.

In most cases, the old analog cabling can be utilized, when updating to HD-quality picture quality. If higher resolutions are required, the cabling must be renewed from the required cameras.

A traditional wired access control system with electric locks is quite a valuable solution. Access control can be implemented in to a suitable system with a wireless extension, saving on cabling and locking costs.

A properly designed and implemented electromechanical locking system allows rights to be updated for shared keys and lost keys to be cancelled.

Notify your supervisor and In urgent cases, you can also call us: 010 219 6380.

Notify and we will exchange a new pin code for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide pin codes over the phone. If necessary, you should ask a colleague, service company or security company to open the door.

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