Administrator services

Remote management and maintenance service of security technology that secures your property and ensures smooth operation.

We make our customers’ daily lives smoother and at the same time ensure the security of their properties. Our operators remotely manage the security of our properties with solid professionalism and years of experience, using the latest technology.

Our goal is to improve the reliability of the customer’s security systems, the security of the properties and to reduce the maintenance costs of the property. In this way, the customer gets the most out of the systems they acquire.

However, technology is only a tool for us. We want to be truly technology-independent, so we also become familiar with unknown systems and acquire the necessary knowledge. We manage all security systems commonly available in the domestic market and are able to utilize them as part of the service package we offer. Our operator team manages and administers e.g. more than 20 access control system tokens daily.

Security systems are securely connected to our main service using the AccessNET security network service we maintain. Our service includes 24/7 automatic device monitoring, which includes monitoring the online status of devices connected to the network. So we know about faults before the users of the property and start maintenance immediately.

The following systems can be connected to our administrator service

  • Access control system
  • Camera surveillance system
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Doorphone systems
  • Mechanical and electromechanical locking systems

Key management and lock services up to date

Our experts ensure that our customers’ property locks and key information are up to date. We make sure our customers know where their keys are and that only the right people have access to the right facilities! We use secure and safe electronic management systems in our service.

To manage the entity, e.g. proper documentation, programming of locks and keys, planning of lock series, key cards, key lists, key maintenance service, security lockers and sometimes even greasing of locks and hinges. This is all everyday life for us.

We design and implement lock series as well as completely new locks. We do not work on the basis of old serial diagrams, but we map out the object and carry out the work according to the current situation.

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