Our vision is to be the backbone of the security in office and commercial properties

AccessPoint was created in 2013 as a collaboration of a few top experts to meet the needs of customers.  The initial impetus was the desire to serve customers flexibly and implement the service the way they wanted, without compromising on best practices.

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Even today, we work under our own names and faces with more than 100 co-workers. We make sure that the end result is visible to others and that it also stands time. We want to learn something new and understand that we are never ready. We believe in authenticity and we trust people. We dare to challenge you in a positive way and honestly express our opinions. We succeed together with our customers and partners. We play as a team.

Together, we want to provide our customers with a transparent experience, feeling and awareness of the presence of security – acting as the backbone of the security of office and commercial properties.



We make sustainable solutions
Our goal is to design and implement for our customers
security solutions that last use and time and meet the real need of the customer.


We take care of customer information
We understand our responsibility to protect critical customer information and assets and we are constantly developing our functions to secure this.

“Nothing is sold that can’t really be accomplished” – Hannu and Janne. 


We cooperate
There are many parties involved in managing property and premises security. We recognize that solutions that work as a whole require everyone to work together.


We are fair
People work with people. To the best of our ability, we want to promote fairness and justice.


We consider the environmental impact
Everything we do causes consumption in our environment – including security services for commercial and office properties. Remote access solutions for security systems and high-quality technology are the direction we have chosen to reduce the burden. We understand the importance of the circular economy in everyday life and take care of the recycling of scrap and waste.

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