Telecommunications and data centres

We provide a comprehensive solution encompassing hardware and server control and required data connections to ensure secure movement and storage of information. We continually monitor the operating condition of systems under our control, taking the necessary measures immediately on detecting any problems.


AccessPoint IT and telecommunication services include all of the IT hardware and connections required for maintaining security services. This comprehensive solution includes an AccessNet secure network connection, firewall settings, continual monitoring of the network and associated devices, system configuration, installation of client software in customer computers, and IT support for users. We stress the importance of overall functionality and attention to all parts of the system!


Reliability, security and speed are the outcome of many factors. Geographical decentralisation also provides fault-tolerance, even under exceptional conditions. All of our data centres are located near local connection nodes of an authenticated trunk network. Connections to these data centres are always at least duplicated as far as the nodes, and also beyond them through several international operators.


We take regular steps to ensure smooth operation of all services and systematic recovery from any malfunctions. We also participate in preparing customer continuity and emergency plans as required, and in any recovery and data restoration tests at the request of customers or regulators. Security at our data centres complies with best industry practices and standards. We satisfy the principal requirements for data centres in Finland and PCI-DSS standards for protection of physical premises. Our internal risk management policy requires consistent background checks on staff working with sensitive data. We ensure that information is only transmitted in the intended direction.